About Your Blogger

I am Peter Murray, a retired Navy Journalist and life-long figure skating fan. Originally from northern New York State and later in my teens a resident of Bradenton, Florida, I served 20 years in the Navy. Retiring in 1989 I slowly gravitated to my current residence here in Visalia, California in October 1998 where I have resided to this point.

My blogging began with the creation of Blazing Blades on Xanga.com in October of 2004 and since that time have expanded to blogging on Tumblr, and here on WordPress with the skating politics oriented blog, ‘International Competitive Figure Skating – Issues and Events [https://visaliakid.wordpress.com/] which tracks ISU and U.S. Figure Skating Events, Issues and Governance.

This blog, Blazing Blades II will serve to expand the legacy of the original Blazing Blades to eventually include featured articles, as well as skating and skating related videos from Youtube.com. 

Meanwhile my presence on the web will include continued updates of Blazing Blades on Tumblr, skating politics on my other WordPress blog mentioned above and all my social media sites i.e. Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.com. I invite your following! – Pete Murray