Figure Skating Articles Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022

Shmuratko – 7th, Kokura – 15th, Golichenko/Darenskyi – 12th at the tournament in Oberstdorf – Source,

Nebelhorn Trophy: Golubtsova/Belobrov duo – 8th, Gozhva – 13th – Source,

Kramarenko explained the increased popularity of figure skating – by Alina Ssavinov,

Averbukh commented on the suboptimal form of Russian figure skaters – by Dmitry Kuznetsov,

Tarasova positively assessed Valieva’s free program: “The cleanest skate, with which I congratulate!” – by Artem Bukhaev,

Averbukh summed up Valieva’s controversial program in two words – by Dmitry Kuznetsov,

Tarasova harshly responded to critics Valieva and Trusova: “If someone doesn’t like it, you can leave the hall” – by Artem Bukhaev,

“Hit the target.” Adelina Sotnikova singled out one figure skater at test skates – by Alexander Nasonov,

Vaitsekhovskaya: in another country, Valieva’s program would have every chance of being booed – Nikita Gnilitsky,

American journalist: Valieva will be damn rich. Camila has already played the victim card – by Alexander Nasonov,


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