Figure Skating Articles Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Former Olympic Skater John Zimmerman suspended following accusation of sexual abuse coverup. – by Christine Brennan, USA Today

2021 ISU World Team Trophy Announcement – Source,

Kamila Valieva: Coming to the start, I feel the strength and confidence that Tutberdze sends me, and this helps me to cope with the excitement and with the elements – Source,

Yagudin – about the transition of Kostornaya: “Cool, we have a real” Santa Barbara “in figure skating” – Source,

“You are an example for many, many generations of coaches.” Tarasova congratulated Mishin on his anniversary – Source,

Plushenko congratulated women on March 8: “We live for you, our beloved” – Source,

Valieva spoke about the nuances of working with Tutberidze – Source,

Mishin told how Tuktamysheva struck him – Source,

“We are made for each other”: Mishina and Gallyamov are ready to light up at the World Cup – Source,  

Goncharenko: Kondratyuk is like a breath of fresh air this season – Source,

Alexey Mishin: “Plushenko can be compared to a tank that was moving forward. What crunched under its tracks? The bones of the rivals” – Source,

Inna Goncharenko: “Two months of probation for Kostornaya are still mild conditions. It was necessary to designate a month” – Source,


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