Figure Skating Articles Monday, March 8, 2021

[ICE TIME] A Letter From a Fan in Tohoku Helped Inspire Miki Ando to Her Second World Title in 2011 – by Jack Gallagher,

Alena Kostornaya and coach Eteri Tutberidze Interview– Source,

5 reasons why Tutberidze agreed to return Kostornaya: reputation, blow to Plushenko and daughter’s request –

Alena Kostornaya returned to the group of Eteri Tutberidze – Source,

Coach Alexei Mishin – 80: “My youth has not passed, but old age has not come” – Source,

Sambo-70 said that the school cannot solve the financial issues of the return of Kostornaya – Source,

Figure skater Alexander Enbert – about the loads of the “Ice Age”, the favorites of the World Cup and the wedding during the pandemic – Source,

Despite the Pandemic, They Decided to go Skating Abroad – by Jura Synchro,

The choreographer of the Tutberidze group was outraged by Rudkovskaya’s words about Kostornaya’s contract – Source,

Koshevaya will not resume her skating career after the end of the disqualification – Source,


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