Figure Skating Articles Wednesday, October 14, 2020

U.S. Figure Skating and NBC Sports Announce Broadcast Schedule for ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series – Source, USFS Fan Zone

Kamila Valiyeva: “In an arbitrary depictation of a snake. My movements on plastic seem to repeat her movements” – Source,

Alexandra Trusova: “This season I have programs the way I wanted” – Source,

“And everything is clean! Hands work brutally simply.” Tarasova – about the rental of Usacheva – Source,

Gracie Gold: ‘There’s no Olympic medal’ for suffering in silence – by Nick McCarvel,

Dalia Usachova “When playing Romeo and Juliet’s program, preparation is not just on ice. I watched a movie and read Shakespeare in English and Russian.” – Source,

Q&A with skating coach Holly Maloney – Source, Meadville Tribune

In bare feet, Johnny Weir wins the night with ’80s power ballad routine on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – byMary Ellen Wright, Lancaster Online

Valiyeva is early to hang gold Beijing 2022. Camila doesn’t have to tear everyone up yet. – by Dmitry Kuznetsov,

Trusova thanked the coaches after the victory in Moscow, but did not mention Rosanov – Source,

“Race for quad jumps does not allow you to see femininity in figure skating.” Opinion of the World Cup winner – Source,

Laik from Plushenko, a picture of Rudkovskaya and tears of the star Tutberidze. The main photos of rentals in Moscow – by Daria Isayeva, Photojournalist for


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