Figure Skating Articles Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hanyu’s OP call on 24-hour TV “One step for me and one step for you to change someone’s tomorrow” – Source,

The results of junior rentals have become known: Plushenko’s ward won among men – Source,

Tatsuki Machida raises alam on the closure of another rink in Tokyo. The citizen’s rink in Shinjuku, home to about 1000 skaters and hockey players is due to close in January 2021 – Source,

Tsurskaya will work as a coach for Team Tutberidze – Source,

According to Kogan, Alina Zagitova will participate to the test skates and then decide whether or not to take part to the Russian Cup. Source,

2018 U.S.Figure Skating Queen Brady Tennell Changes Coach. New Coach Suggests Four Revolutions Coming and “Working on Secrets” – Source,

Alina Zagitova Returning to Ice in Russian Annual Test Skate – Source,

Exclusive! Mariah Bell Looks Ahead: ‘I Want To Push My Boundries’ – by Nick McCarvel,

‘Mind your own business!’ Medvedeva fans mobilize to defend figure skating star after expert suggests Russia doesn’t need her – Source,

 New love interest? Russian figure skating icon Evgenia Medvedeva intrigues fans with enigmatic message – Source,


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