Figure Skating Articles Saturday, August 1, 2020

Alena Kostornaia (RUS) will no longer be coached by Eteri Tutberidze and her team. – Source,

I think it’s normal to practice under different coaches. For some reason I couldn’t skate cleanly, so I thought I should try under Plushenko. – Source,

Mao Asada, aka “Goler”, is a lover of shaved ice and cool delicious shops – Source,

Nathan Chen: My Top 10 Vitamin-Packed Foods – Source,

Exclusive: Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold discusses HBO documentary “The Weight of Gold.” – by Bradley Warren,

Unearthed: Politicians, Diplomats And Skating – by Ryan Stevens, Skate Guard

The day Mao Asada’s late mother spoke with a smile on her face, the day she learned the meaning of words. Photographer Riki Takasu saw – Source,

Alena Kostornaya left Eteri Tutberidze; Now with Plushenko – Source,

Juniors of the Russian figure skating team will start visiting Novogorsk beginning August 8 – Source,

Océane Piegad / Remi Belmonte are a new (French) pairs team – Source,

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