Figure Skating Articles Monday, June 29, 2020

Who knew Jun-Hwan Cha could sing? So impressed with his singing performance on a television show “King of Masked Singer.” – Source,

Piseyev: Kolyada’s transfer to Mishin will have a positive effect – Source,

This and That: Athlete A, Alysa Liu, Morgran Cipres & Mikhail Kolyada – Source, The Skating Lesson on

Pisayev on the ISU Award: “Someone says that she (Alina Zagitova) didn’t make the nomination because she didn’t perform at the main starts. But Medvedeva didn’t perform either.” – Source,  

Figure Skating Awards comes up with a strange “Oscar”: Angry fans of Zagitova, insulted Jews and refusal to explain the selection process at the start. – Source,

Piseev: it is necessary to explain why Zagitova is not nominated for the ISU Prize – Source,

Russian ice skater (Betina Popova) claims she was ENSLAVED by training & blames coaches for thousands of ‘broken children’ – Source,

Emilia “Milly” Murdock has a new official website – Source, Figure Skating

Support Figure Skating In Harlem with ‘Gone To The Rink’ Sticker Sheets – Source, Bon Athlete by Milly Murdock

“Ayumi Roux will participate in a Netflix series called “Zero Chill” a series set in a figure skating club in England – Source,

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