Figure Skating Articles Thursday, May 21, 2020

New math: Figure skating’s latest recalculations change skaters’ formula for success – by Philip Hersh, NBC Sports

“I love skating; a big part of me is being taken away because I can’t be on the Ice,” Nathan Chen tells PEOPLE – by Adam Carlson and Eric Todisco,

The voices of skate fans around the world are gathering to make fair decisions for all athletes by introducing multiple cameras and AI. – Source,

Alina Zagitova Childhood Photo Album – Source,

Daisuke Takahashi’s male figure again! A brilliant competition history that led to the “Legend” – Source, Hominis.Media 

The reason for the blitz transfer revealed by Trusova. What is the appeal of Plushenko that surpassed Ms. Eteri’s track record? – Source,

Train and enjoy with Ima’s online lessons with Masama Uno and others! (Mie Noguchi) – Source, Sports Graphic Number Web

Tatiana Taarasova: In sports, If you don’t compete and you don’t have an injury, then you left – Source, FS-Gossips

The two-time figure skating world champion Evgenia Medvedeva said in an Instagram live she wanted to work as “friends” with her coaches. “I left for this; to hear, and to be heard.” – by ZK Goh, Olympic Channel

Mind-blowing! Watch Russian 11-year-old figure skating prodigy Sofia Titova effortlessly landing QUADS on hard ground (VIDEO) – Source,

Olympic champion Massot father for the second time – Source,

Congratulations to Bruno and Sophie Massot who welcomed a baby girl, Charlie, this morning. – Source,

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