Figure Skating Articles Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Beauty Of Figure Skating and Mathematics “Morioka’s Stars” Iwate University Graduate School, Sato Akira – by Yumi Asano,

The moment when the new Mao Asada who came out of the hard ness looks back on the reporter – Source,

Alexey Zheleznyakov: It kills me when I see seven year old girls skating to Carmen – Source, FS Gossips

“Rodnina and Tarasov should not insult each other. They communicate more politely in the market” – by Dmitry Kuznetsov,

JuraSynchro New Site homepage more enjoyable and easy to use with the smartphone. We have also made some other adjustments. Check it out! – Source,

ISU Technical Requirements for the Upcoming (Synchro) Season – Source, Jura Synchro

This and That: A World From Rafael – Source, The Skating Lesson

Daisuke Takahashi: Selected as Judge for Sky Court “Dream Room Contest” – Source, Sky Court Channel

Skating Journalist Jackie Wong To Appear on Jeopardy – Source,

Zagitowa will return to the competition, or Tarasova will point out that she will not return – Source,

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