Figure Skating Articles Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Figure Skating’s top stars headed to Torino for ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2019/20 – Source,

ISU Junior Grand Prix Final showcases Figure Skating’s next generation – Source,

Tomoki Hiwatashi going all out to make Beijing Olympics – by Jack Gallagher, The Japan Times

Maria Sotskova and Alena Leonova won’t participate in russian nationals this year due to health reasons (Maria is stating that she needs to take care of her health, Alena is mentioning a minor knee injury) – Source,

IOC has changed the order of exit teams to the parade of the opening ceremony of the Olympics – Source,

Olympic Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations order changed slightly – Source,

Brian Joubert: No Limits in New Coaching Career – by Hiro Yoshida, Europe On Ice

Go in-depth with figure skating prodigy Alysia Liu: Young American, who won the U.S. National title aged 13, talks about having fun on the ice with friends, her new pet dog, and her obsession with Mukbang food videos. Watch to get to see the skater in a totally different light. – Source, Olympic Channel

Figure Skater Anton Shulepepov Ripped For Holocaust Costume… ‘Insensitive, Offensive’ – Source, TMZ Sports

Figure skating union says ‘nyet’ to Russia’s Auschwitz-themed costume-contest entry – by Theresa Braine, NY Daily News

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