Figure Skating Articles Saturday, November 30, 2019

First Finnish Interclubs Competition (Pictures) – by Ville Vairinen,

Meet figure skating sensation Alena Kostornaia who’s just set a new world record (PHOTOS) – Source, Russia Beyond

Ted Barton interviews Sara Maude Dupuis, Novice Women’s #Challenge20 – Source,

Challenge20: Novice Women Victory Ceremony (Video) – Source,

Challenge20 : Sandrine Gauthier/Quentin Thieren (Novice Dance) Champions Interview with Ted Barton (Video) – Source,

Interview: #Challenge20 Melyna Dagenais Guay / Anthony Vézina (Pre-Novice Pair) Champions – Source,

Challenge20: Pre-Novice Pair Victory Ceremony (Video) – Source,

“Snezh.kom Cup.” 2019 (Videos) – Source,

Tamara Moskvina: I could try to coach single skaters, but I’m not so ambitious. I do what I do well – by Alexander Kovokin for republished by

Stephane Lambiel: I’m driven by passion for figure skating. If my skaters share it, then their level doesn’t matter – Source, republished at

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