Figure Skating Articles Friday, November 29, 2019

Canadian skaters headed to Edmonton for 2020 Skate Canada Challenge – Source,

Ted Barton interviews Novice Men’s #Challenge20 Champion Maksim Chelmaev – Source,

Challenge20 Victory Ceremony: Novice Men – Source,

“How to make friendship in Russia? Have a drink together! ”Japanese skater became her in St. Petersburg:P Yuko Kawaguchi refused a Japanese passport to train with Tamara Moskvina, and was the first in history to make two quadruple emissions in one program. – Source,

Women aiming to win Triple Axel is indispensable age Russian director – Source,

Yuko Kawaguchi: “There are a lot of hat, real fan wars in Japan. In Europe, you can calmly express your opinion ” – Source,

Meet Pakistan’s first figure skating champion: 12-year-old UAE-based Zafar aims to represent Pakistan in Olympics – by Sana Jamal,

British Figure Skating Championships guide: How to watch and which skaters to look out for – by Verity Bowman,

Unearthed: A Christmas House-Party – by Ryan Stevens, Skate Guard

2019 Bosphorus Istanbul Cup Junior Ladies SP, FS Results and Scores – Source,

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