Figure Skating Articles Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Alina Zagitova: I did not want to compete, and now I ride in pleasure – Source,

Panenkova – about Zagitova’s rib: “She makes a constriction inwards and outwards and at the end, when she puts a tooth, she can go inside. The average viewer may not notice this.” – Source,

Who is she who appeared like a nova? Arona Kostrunaya talks about Mao Asada, neurosurgeon, and sushi – by Dariya Glibanovskaya,

“Kostornaya froze hysteria around Trusova. But the coaches of Russians work in transcendental conditions” – by Dmitry Kuznetsov,

Figure skating. Peter Gabriel in 1997 – Source,

Yuna Shiraiwa Aspiring players, about their performance [photo / video] – Source,

Alexandra Trusova, Anna Shcherbakova, Alena Kostornaia. “Time” (An insight into their training) – Source,

Judicial attack on Khrustalny, Act Three – Results of the French Grand Prix. FC gatherings in the discord (broadcast from November 3, 2019) – Source,

Skater Sotskova is not sure that she will perform at the championship of Russia – Source,

IN PHOTOS: 2019 Figure Skating Internationaux de France – Source, Kyodo News

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