Figure Skating Articles Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Figure skater Medvedeva inundated with support after receiving anonymous “get out of Japan” letter – by Patrick O’Kane, Inside The Games

Skate Ontario Proud – Source,

National Theatre on Ice competition set for June 25 – by Briana Harris, Shelby County Reporter

Yuna Kim Dazzles at ‘All That Skate 2019’ With Nathan Chen and Javier Fernandez – by Rory Jiwani,

ISU Communication No. 1629: ISU World Standings for Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance – ISU Season’s World Ranking – Source,

Soyoun Park is announced a new start on second career. She will join Cirque du Soleil – Source,

[A question and answer] Masami Uno “I want to be technically successful, not want to be strong” – Source,

Kevin Shum Graduates from MIT and headed to work with Microsoft in Seattle – Source, Sylvia @SylviaUnseen on

Honors for two young skaters from South West: Emmy Bronsard and Aissa Bouaraguia of the Gadbois Skating Club have warmly welcomed the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund award for skaters who show exceptional artistic talent on the ice – by Annie Bourque,

Zagitova Turns Heads With Jaw-Dropping Stunts in New Programme Set to ‘Stolen’ Music – Source, Sputnik News

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