Figure Skating Articles Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Daisuke Takahashi shows heart of champion in return to competitive skating – by Jack Gallagher, The Japan Times

Skating Highlights of the Week: Ljubljana Cup, Finlandia Trophy, and Japan Open – by Isobel Moody, Ani & Izzy

Tarasova will continue to comment on figure skating on the First Channel in the new season – Source,

Trusova, Mozalev, Ushakov and Nekrasov will perform at the junior Grand Prix stage in Yerevan – Source,

Miracles happen in Yoshkar-Ola – Source,

More withdrawals of Chinese skaters from the Grand Prix. Only one man, one pairs team and one ice dance duo are currently listed for China: 2018 Grand Prix Assignments – Source, IFS

More junior skaters qualify for Final in Ljubljana – Source,

Dmitry Soloviev: “Will Stepanova and Bukin be able to compete with Papadakis and Sizerone, find out when they will meet” –

Quadruple in women’s skating – whether they have future or why quads will never become a mass phenomenon – Source,

ISU Junior Grand Prix Ljublkjana + Finlandia Trophy: separate performances. Part 2 – Finlandia Trophy – Source,

Head of the Phenchkhana-2018 Organizing Committee: “The profit from the Games was $ 55 million” – by Maria Selenkova,


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