Figure Skating Articles Thursday July 5, 2018

Adelina Sotnikova: I want to skate, to fight, to feel the drive that I felt then – Source, FS Gossips

Anna Pogorilaya is getting married – Source, FS Gossips

2018-19 U.S. Figure Skating Team Envelope Criteria – Source,

2018-19 U.S. Figure Skating International Competition Season Assignments/Results Page has been published (minus assignments which will come later) – Source, USFigureSkating .org

2018-19 U.S. Figure Skating International Selection Pool of Eligible Athletes/Teams – Source,

The 1968 World Figure Skating Championships – by Ryan Stevens, Skate Guard

Nishchay Luthra skating on thin ice towards Winter Games – by Susan Ninan,

Nishchay Luthra: An Indian figure skater’s struggles to represent India at the Olympics – by Vineet Ramakrishnan, The Times of India

Mr. Daisuke Takahashi expressed return to active! Full text report of encirclement interview Part 1 – Source, Japan’s TV Guide ‘Kiss and Cry’section

Figure skating course for elem women: Daisuke Takahashi’s active return! – by Yoshiko Watanabe, Japan Fashion Magazine 25ANS


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