Figure Skating Articles for Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Figure Skating Articles for Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kihira shines as Japan skaters sweep titles – by Jack Gallagher, Japan Times

U.S. Figure Skating Announces Host Cities for 2018-2019 Threatical Skating Events – Source,

U.S. Figure Skating has announced the 22 athletes which will represent the United States at the U.S. International Classic in Salt Lake City from Sept. 13-17, 2017 – Source,

We’re 6 months away from the 2018 Winter Olympics! – Source, KCEN

Documentary about Norwegian figure skating champion, shot in Eastern Romania city – by Irina Marica,

Potsdam Figure Skating Club members travel to Michigan to compete in the State Games of America – Source, North Country Now

A Skeleton In The Rink Closet – by Ryan Stevens, Skate Guard

ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2017/18 – Media accreditations – Source,

Satoko Miyahara’s interview at the ice 2017 – Source, Cantilover Translations

Off-season news 2017: Retirements, coaching changes, music selections, and more! – by Jackie Wong, Rocker Skating


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