Figure Skating Articles for Monday, July 17, 2017

Figure Skating Articles for Monday, July 17, 2017

It’s Official: Meryl and Fedor announce engagement – Source,

Meryl Davis Announces Engagement To Former Canadian Skater Fedor Andreev – Source,

Skate Detroit gets underway Tuesday: Complete Rosters for all levels are at Unseen Skaters

Pro Event Photo will live stream from 2 rinks this year — an all event pass (5 days) is $45 and a 24-hour pass costs $25 – Source,

Skate Detroit Official Announcement – Source,

2017 Glacier Falls Summer Classic happens from 27 – 30 July. There is no live stream for this competition; however, the club once again plans to provide video of the full Senior (and Junior? still to be confirmed) Men/Ladies events for viewing on-demand, at no charge, to after the competition is over. Preliminary Sr./Jr. entries are available at Unseen Skaters Online

Malaysian figure skater Julian Yee refines his skills for SEA Games – Source,

Skating superstars shine at ‘Fenimore on Ice’ – by Allison Collins, The Daily Star

For who have not seen Jason Brown’s long program you can get an idea of it from a fan cam video broken up into five partial Instagram videos with single and double jumps inserted where more difficult jumps will take place – Source, Instagram Part 1 videoInstagram Part 2 video –  Instagram Part 3 video –  Instagram Part 4 video –  Instagram Part 5 video  

Skate Milwaukee 2017 brings figure skating competition to the Brew City: “It’s definitely challenging” – by Evan Peterson,


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