Figure Skating Articles for Saturday, May 20, 2017

Figure Skating Articles for Saturday, May 20, 2017  

Lipnitskaya recovering and joined the candidates of the Russian team for next season (Video) – Source, My Sports Videos

Basic Training 101: Periodization Principles For Figure Skating – An Easy-To-Use Workbook – by Coach Tom Zakrajsek: A Layman’s Reflections – by Pete Murray, International Competitive Figure Skating: Issues and Events

Morgan Bell leaves the ‘Dream Big’ tour early needing more time to fix and recover her injured ankle (She’ll be back fans) – Source, Instagram Post

VIDEO: #24 of 2016-17 – Third time’s the charm? Xiaoyu Yu/Hao Zhang CHN 2017 Asian Winter Games free skate – by Jackie Wong, Rocker Skating

U.S. FIGURE SKATING COMBINED REPORT OF ACTION taken by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and GOVERNING COUNCIL April 30, 2017, through May 6, 2017 now posted on

Skating into Seattle: A conversation with Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner – by Joe Veyera,

Figure skater Ashley Wagner back home, proving ‘age is just a number’ – by Chris Daniels,

Ellenton’s Southwest Florida Figure Skating Club dominates Day 1 at Sunshine State Games – by David Wilson,

The Other Barbara Ann’s: A Forgotten Era Of Canadian Women’s Skating – by Ryan Steven, Skate Guard

WADA fast tracks rules that could bar Russia from Olympics – by Steve Keating,

“Feel the Love for Skating” Tracy Wilson Interview (World Figure Skating, Issue 78) – Source, ‘Where’s Space Pooh?’ Figure Skating blog

Reflections: The Intersection of Ballet and Choreography, A retrospective of videos of some of his best work with elite skaters with an accompanied article – by Phillip Mills,  


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