Skating Articles for Monday, August 15, 2016

Skating Articles for Monday, August 15, 2016 

ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating, St. Gervais 2016; St. Gervais, France – August 24 to August 27 Announcement – Source,

Figure skating is expensive – you can’t watch figure skating without figure skaters: #SupportSkaters: 2016 compilation of donation links for skaters – by Jackie Wong, Rocker Skating

Full, brand new 51-minute documentary on the Karolyi’s – Source,

Posnanski: Open letter to golfers who passed on Rio Olympics — ‘You blew it’ – Source,

Go figure: Skaters prep for winter – Source, WOWT News

Katy Perry – RISE Feat. Olympian Polina Edmunds – Source,

Here’s the long awaited full SP performance from Mao, at The Ice Nagoya show – Source,

Utah Figure Skating Club attracting high level talent: Figure Skating Club will host the prestigious Copper Cup next week – by Dana Greene,

Skating, School, Family & Fun—Set Goals in Various Areas For the Biggest Impact – by Kristen Piche’, Skate To Soar

Figure skating Music Rules 343 and 823 changes (Singles, Pairs/IceDance) suspended and old rules reinstated – Source, Read ISU Communications 2034 @


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