Skating Articles for Monday, July 18, 2016

Skating Articles for Monday, July 18, 2016

Dorothy Hamill opens up about Olympics, relationships, cancer (video and story) – Source,

Off Season Fun 2016: Fashion Review – Free Skate: Moving right along, now it’s time for my favorite Free Skate looks from last season – Source, Naked Ice Blog

Russia doping: Wada to publish Sochi 2014 doping findings – Source, BBC Sports

Rio 2016: ‘Olympics is still worth fighting for’ – by Dan Roan, BBC

ISU: un-anonymize & publish protocols from Code of Points (IJS) since the system was instituted? – Source, International Competitive Figure Skating – Issues and Events

Pj Kwong’s fascinating brand new interview with the legendary Alexei Mishin – by Pj Kwong,

Sneak peek: 2016-17 new program compilation; Adam Rippon’s new Short Program – by Jackie Wong, Rocker Skating

New Russian doping report confirms evidence of state-sponsored cheating – Source, CBC Sports

Report to the President of WADA by Richard H. MClaren Independent Person, WADA Investigation of Sochi Allegations – Source, WADA-Main-prod.s3.amazonaws.coom

Russian Inquiry finds cheating went beyond Sochi Olympics – Source,

PyeongChang launches nat’l tour for Olympic mascots – Source, The Korea Herald


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