Figure Skating Articles Thursday, April 9, 2020

Georgi Kunica: “The decision to change discipline is mutual with Tutberidze. It would be hard for me in single skating”. – Source,

Tamara Moskvina: “Boykova and Kozlovsky were in very good shape before the World Cup. Their reaction to cancellation was complicated.” – Source,

Rika Kihira… Higuchi Shinba… Base link completely closed figure skating – Source,

Averbukh requested state support for ice shows – Source,

ISU Communication No. 2312: Decisions of the Council – Source,

Tuktamysheva introduced a teaser for the next season’s free program – Source,

Eteri Tutberidze: “Only when we lose, we begin to remember and appreciate. Pay attention to parents while they are with us.” – Source,

ISU due to the situation with coronavirus will keep the requirements for short programs and rhythm dancing for the season 2020/21 – Source,

Tessa Virtue shares adorable figure skating throwback photo of her and Scott Moir – by Heather Cichowski,

Jump, spin, win: How USC Figure Skating became a successful and supportive team in just a few years – by Amanda Sturges,

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Figure Skating Articles Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Update: ISU Congress postponed to 2021, decision upcoming on rescheduling 2020 figure skating worlds (very likely, “no”), plus my exclusive info on bigger future worlds – by Philip Hersh, Globetrotting

ISU Congress postponed for summer 2021 – Source,

Coronavirus is a chance for doping? Tests have been reduced, therapeutic exemptions are issued retroactively – Source,

20-year-old Russian figure skater Kristina Shoshina contracted coronavirus – Source,

Student Tutberidze Kunitz moved to pair skating: Russian figure skater Georgi Kunica switched to pair skating – Source,

Apprentice Tutberidze Kunitz moved to pair skating. Former coaches promised to root for him – Source,

Wife Plushenko: “The annual income of his son is 12 million. It’s no Advertising on Instagram.” – Source,

Vadim Naumov: “In the U.S., you don’t have to choose who to work with – you do with everyone who wants to skate and can pay for lessons” – Source,

Tamara Moskvina: “Because of what has already happened, you don’t have to worry twice” – Source,

Stanislava Konstantinova: “I went to the country before the introduction of quarantine. One day I had a panic attack.” – Source,

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Figure Skating Articles Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Figure skaters set Blades for the Brave benefit for health-care workers – Source,

Medvedeva took part in Ronaldo’s challenge: “Can you break my record?” – Source,


Olympian and Cancer Survivor Maia Shibutani Is Helping Health Care Workers During Coronavirus Crisis – by Ashley Boucher,

Michelle Kwan Vinyasa Yoga Flow – Source,

A look at the Top 5 performances of Yuzu’s amazing career – by Jack Gallagher,

Olympic saga reveals Japanese sports world’s lack of influence – Source, The Japan Times

Medvedeva reports that ‘best decision’ is in quarantine for week one (in Japan) – Source,

Saga Krantz (USA): “Everything Will Be Just Fine!” – Source,

Yevgeny Plushenko: “Athletes are sitting at home, trying to practice. But these are not the loads you do on the ice.” – Source,

Huntsville figure skater describes COVID-19 impact – by Olivia Whitmire,

Drobiazko and Vanagas: Dancing Through The Decades – by Tatjana Flade, International Figure Skating Magazine

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Figure Skating Articles Monday, April 6, 2020

2020 ISU Congress – Phuket/Thailand – June 8-12, 2020 Decision to Cancel, Postpone 1 year or Abstain from Members voting to conclude today – Source,

ISU President Jan Dijkema’s Letter to full ISU Membership regarding their decision to cancel, postpone or abstain in a vote on what to do about 2020 ISU Congress – Source,

Yuzu leads Top 10 list for 2019-20 season – by Jack Gallagher,

When the Student Becomes the Master: Coaching in the Time of COVID – by Jacquelyn Thayer, Two For The Ice

Alena Kostorna: “She is an ideal role model. And I have never seen such a strength of character as Medvedeva’s.” – Source,

Red Wing skating club still looking ahead to Worlds – by Martin Schlegel, Post Bulletin

ISU Streams 2018 and 2019 World Championship’s across all disciplines from March 28 thru May 5. Read notice and view daily streaming schedule – Source,

ISU Members, Skaters, Coaches, Officials Procedures to Report Harrassment or Abuse – Source,

New eLearning Modules on Coaching Children on ISU eLearning Platform – Source,

Team Icicles (GBR) – Junior – Free Skate 2019/2020 – Source,

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Figure Skating Articles Sunday, April 5, 2020

Decision to cancel Gensan Summer Cup scheduled for mid-August is premature – by Jack Gallagher,

“It’s the best step ever! “Definitely the best choreography of the year” And rave reviews. Nathan Chen’s “Kireki Ice Dance” is a hot topic – Source,

Number PLUS • FIGURE SKATING TRACE OF STARS 2019-2020: We are waiting for an exclusive interview from Zhenya and beautiful photos – Source,

Karen shared a DIY facemask tutorial on her youtube channel – Source,

No ice? No competition? No problem for Spokane-hosted virtual figure skating contest – by Jared Brown,

Kihira Rika 4 rotations and 3A, after the season of challenge and selection … aim off success rate up – Source,

Aiming at the Beijing Olympics, the figure’s new star is a 15 year old weapon – Source,

“If you look at the eyebrows and lips, you can see the times” figure (skating) makeup, link to the trend of the world – Source,

Kihira Rika Makeup Surgery No. 1 Cosmetics giant co-ordinator analyzes women’s figure make-up – Source,

Ameblo has been updated. “See the digest of the All Japan Opening Ceremony” Read the information and photo captions (video not available in the USA). –

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Figure Skating Articles Saturday, April 4, 2020

Hiwatashi understood why Zhou was selected for U.S. team for worlds – by Jack Gallahger,

Alexey Mishin: “Figure skating will live. No false panic, everything will be alright ” – Source,

Lazukin did not have time to have planned knee surgery due to coronavirus pandemic – Source,

Tennell talks about skating inspirations, work with Richaud, plans for future – by Jack Gallagher,

In difficult times, an opportunity to say thank you (video) – Source,

SCRewind: Yuzuru Hanyu FP #SCI19 (Video) – Source,

THE FFRC’s appeal for absentee online competitions – Source,

Russian Show Skating Flashback: Madness at the rental of zagitova in Moscow: spectators attacked the pillars, and journalists crawled on the ice – Source, Sport24

1984 Olympic champion and coach Oleg Vassiliev has been diagnosed positive with Covid-19 – Source,

Anika Hocke and Robert Kunkel on the title of Pirouette Magazine April 2020 – Source,

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Figure Skating Articles Friday, April 3, 2020

Dr. Ki Machida, a philosopher on the ice, became an assistant professor at Kokugakuin University in October – Source,

Surprise Ale for Daisuke Takahashi and Tomoko Miyahara and New Students at Seki University – Source,

5 Injury Prevention Tips for Beginning Skaters – Source, Learn to Skate USA at

“En Duo” for Chalet Club. Eurosport. Winter 2019/2020 – Source,

“There is a total test of our coaching capabilities”: Zueva about working with skaters remotely because of COVID-19 – Source,

Shibutani’s pair up to bring PPE’s to health care providers using GoFundMe – Source, Protect Our Protectors @

Tatiana Mishin on coronavirus: “Students do not lose heart, hope that it will be better. I don’t think it’s that rosy.” – Source,

Toru Hashimoto talks about the way he (Yuzuru Hanyu) works in the new era: “People who can’t continue to increase their value are weeded out.” – Source,

Three Region girls help figure skating team win District – by Niles Kruger, Monroe News

Reader Mail Time! by Ryan Stevens, Skate Guard

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